Pink Silk Pajamas and Toilet Paper

“Guess what I got” I gleefully exclaimed as I fell through the front door. 

“Toilet paperrrrrrr”, I sang out. 

I danced around my suitcase eager to show off my treasures. 

The Mr. looked at me with what can only be described as bewildered amusement. 

“Just wait there” I shouted over my shoulder as I barreled down the hallway with my suitcase to change out of my work uniform. 

Not even a minute later I bounded into the living room carrying the goods.

“LOOK DANNY”, I shouted. 

“I got 6 whole rolls of toilet paper.”

I lovingly displayed the assortment of rolls. 

“That means I now have 20 rolls total and won’t have to buy toilet paper for weeekkkkkkkssss”. 

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