A Lady in Milan

I surveyed my options… Buy the cold pasta salad or a yogurt for dinner. Hm… how did I get so lucky? 😉 Picking the pasta salad I trotted to my plane ready to conquer the 8 hour flight to Milan. Flight Attendants are provided meals of course but usually their heavily laden with sodium for flavor so I avoid them at all costs. Continue reading “A Lady in Milan”

Diary of a Serial Dater

I remember that day vividly. I called my friend and told her I had just called off my engagement. Between the sniffles and snot she told me she was coming over. I told her not to bother, I couldn’t stop crying long enough to hold a conversation, but she’s the type that doesn’t take no for an answer and within a few minutes she was holding me on the floor as I just sobbed. Continue reading “Diary of a Serial Dater”