A Lady at the Opera


I jumped in my swivel chair as the curling iron I was holding exploded in my hands. Sparks flew into my lap as the lights suddenly switched off.

“Oh come ON”

I whispered to myself as I surveyed the damage. Clearly the converter didn’t exactly convert and I was now faced with the grim reality that my hair was only halfway done and I would have to go to the opera with half straight/half curly hair.

They say hindsight is 20/20. Well, when I was blow-drying my hair I really should have taken note of the fact that it was WAY hotter than normal, BUT at the time I counted it as a blessing for someone with thick and unruly hair.

Fast forward to my call to the concierge.

“Yes, hi! So I think I accidentally blew up my room with my curling iron….” *concierge replies* “… no I already tried the lights and they just don’t work! I’m SO so sorry, but I really have to leave for the opera. Can you just let yourself in?”

If there was ever a definition of a Flight Attendant it would 100% be the above sentence. “Sorry I have to catch the opera but please do hurry and fix the room that I just completely destroyed in this 4 star hotel – ta ta now”

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Meet Holly.

The person that replies to your message saying, “Let’s go to the opera in London… by the way I’m going to wear a vintage fur coat” with… “I just so happen to have my vintage leopard coat with me and my opera gloves – it’s a date”.

And with that we crawled into a taxi and were whisked through the brightly lit streets of London to “The Balcon”. A truly magical place that has a cocktail list based on fairy tales.

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There are certain moments where reality becomes blurred with a dream. It’s the moment you find yourself sipping on a pink cocktail called “Satine’s Dilemma” based on “The Moulin Rouge” and you look out the window and see the Christmas lights twinkling over the streets of London.

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I find it really hard sometimes to do what makes me happy. It can feel so selfish. Yes I love my job, yes I love my life, but so often I find that it’s been months since I’ve consciously set out to do something that’s uniquely “Christena”.

Something that simply brings my soul joy. It can be as simple as getting an overpriced Starbucks drink just because or listening to the “Cinderella” soundtrack over and over because let’s face it, it’s my favorite music of all time. But in this case it was wearing my favorite dress and heels even if I was impossibly overdressed, spending an evening with a friend who became even more dear as we discovered so many similarities and swooning over the awe-inspiring talent of “Phantom of the Opera”.


Perhaps this is all sounding so cliche to you, but stepping into my hotel room tonight I can’t help but smile thinking about how magical it felt to just chase after what my heart loves. I hope this week you chase after something, no matter the size, that your heart and soul loves. I just pray that it doesn’t involve you blowing up your curling iron.



A Lady In Germany

What had happened was… I was supposed to be flying to Sacramento.

There I was just minding my own business driving to work. Hands at 10 and 2.

Not texting.

Not doing my makeup.

Not checking Insta (all things I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve done while driving)

And out of thin air, literally, a giant black steel grate was hurtling through the air straight towards my car.

You know in “Over the Hedge” when the squirrel has had WAY too much caffeine and the world goes into slo-mo. That is pretty much the best way to describe this moment.

The moment where I looked to my right, saw a car next to me cruising along. Looked to my left and saw a cement wall and then wrapped my fingers around the steering wheel and plowed ahead.

There was an unmistakable *POP* and if there was a marquis of neon letters marching across the car displaying my thoughts you would see, “Hm… I made it, that wasn’t too bad”.

I uncurled my fingers and felt pretty proud of myself for running over a steel grate and other than a small noise, not really being all that bothered.

Better pull off the highway just to make sure my little car is A-okay. I pulled off and to my complete dismay I had blown a tire and not just that, there was this gross liquid pouring out of my car.

Obviously the next step was to call Danny hysterically crying that my life was over and that I was going to get fired from my job… except I couldn’t get ahold of Danny, but I DID get ahold of his mom. Meaning all of the above sobbing and boo-hoo-ing was done to his sweet mom.


All of this to say, dating Danny is INCREDIBLE because not only do I now know how to change a tire in my Flight Attendant uniform, I now know how to drive his stick shift car, and how towing companies work. To top off that list I can now say I’ve ordered a transmission fluid box online and a tire from Amazon. Who knew Amazon delivers tires?

This blog post is entitled “A Lady in Germany” because instead of being able to work that day I picked up a trip to Munich later on in the week.

Here’s some pictures of “The Residenz” which has to be the most gorgeous palace I’ve ever seen. So you see, everything does have a silver lining. I got in a car wreck and ended up in Germany.

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetProcessed with VSCO with a5 presetProcessed with VSCO with a5 presetIMG_34992B1CA390-335C-47D8-B31D-33FAB9855C83.jpgF3C7CB11-D2A7-4788-A0F7-2D4AA851008C.jpgIMG_3514Processed with VSCO with a5 preset