I Swear He’s a Serial Killer

I had just touched down in Minneapolis when I called my mom. I had just met a gentleman who wanted me to meet his son, the obvious next step was to stalk the bananas out of this mystery man. When I say my mom and I are professional stalkers, I mean we. are. professionals. But we could find nothing on this guy. No Facebook profile, criminal record (haha), email account… we were scrambling. My first thought was that he must obviously be a hardened criminal and so I expanded my resources. I sent a text to any and everyone to help me in this obnoxious search and no one could find him!  Continue reading “I Swear He’s a Serial Killer”

The Beginning of the Rest of My Life

He looked at me like I had lost my mind as I questioned him about whether or not low-fat ice cream was an acceptable dinner choice. Apparently it’s not… to my extreme disappointment. How on earth did I, the worlds biggest ice cream fanatic, end up sitting across the worlds most muscly man discussing a nutritional plan for the rest of my life? Let’s rewind a little bit! Continue reading “The Beginning of the Rest of My Life”