How To Be Southern During The Holidays


G.R.I.T.S. stands for Girls Raised In The South and any true southern girl knows that the Holidays are good for three things… Monogrammed everything, fine china and your momma’s casserole dishes. AmIRight? Well today I’m here to help you out with that monogrammed everything bit. Continue reading “How To Be Southern During The Holidays”

What Happened When I Stopped Drinking

“I just LOVEEEEEE you Christena… I meannnnn *swaying slightly*… I think we could really be best best best friends”. Somewhere between the dance floor and the bathroom I had gained a solid 5 best friends for life and believe me, we had pictures to prove it.

Continue reading “What Happened When I Stopped Drinking”

So You Want to be a Flight Attendant

Never ever in my life did I see myself becoming a Flight Attendant. Yet here we are and I get paid to fly to Paris and wear a red dress and heels. Not too shabby 😉 While not for everyone, this is most definitely the most perfectly suited job for me that I could have EVER imagined. Continue reading “So You Want to be a Flight Attendant”