A Lady In Ireland: Part 2

It’s absolutely crazy to think I started writing a blog almost 10 years ago.

I remember I used to sit at my parents computer. You know, the kind that looked like a box and the back made this humming noise when it was loading something…

A single lamp would illuminate the home office as I poured my little heart out in document after document of Microsoft Word.

I’d write about falling in “like” with my first high school boyfriend.

Questions I had for God.

…And how utterly annoying math homework was.

I didn’t have a degree in writing, and I didn’t ever think anyone would ever read my thoughts.

Sitting there in fleece penguin pajamas seems worlds away from laying here in a little bed in my Delta Flight Attendant uniform, hovering in a metal tube somewhere over the Atlantic. And while I’m still 99.9% sure my most faithful follower is my mom and my sweet man who proofreads every blog post, I get so much joy from sharing my life in this little corner of the internet.

I love feeling like my brain is actually using at least one of my degrees after a long day of telling people they can’t remove the life raft from the plane (*eyeroll*) and more than anything I still adore putting on my pj’s (my blogging uniform), sitting with a cup of coffee and continuing to pour my heart out in document after document.

Sooo… that was a rather long reflection, BUT without further ado… Here is Ireland Part 2!

Or as I like to call it, “Where I’d Like To Get Engaged In A Million Years”


Today I’m sharing with you another day tour I went on in Ireland. I said it once and I’ll say it again, day tours are the BOMB.COM (should probably not write that while on a plane).


We drove on a bus from one side of Ireland to the other, and as a friend put on my Instagram, the West coast really is the best coast. Arriving at the Cliffs of Moher I was trying my best to channel my inner Amy Adams from “Leap Year” and pictured my red hair blowing dreamily in the sea air.

However, nature had other ideas. When I say the wind was strong, I mean the…




I wish I could include a video for you to see just exactly how horrific it was, but any hope of looking like something other than a drowned rat went right down the drain. With that being said, the views were more than worth it.


I wish pictures did it justice, but they just don’t!


We’ll call this “Twirling Among Bovine”, which might become my new name for the blog! Haha.


Our next destination was Galway and on on the way we stopped at some smaller cliffs which were slightly less impressive but equally beautiful.


I can’t stop laughing at the above photo! Clearly we’re falling off a cliff guys!

After a drink and some shopping in Galway we slept the entire way home and it was yet another dreamy day in Ireland. I don’t think I’ll ever find a place where the people are more friendly, the landscapes are more green or the cider is more tasty! Cheers to that!



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