The Stroller That Almost Killed Me

I screeched to a stop in front of the stroller section in the Atlanta airport baggage claim.

“Um hi, I need that stroller right there for a passenger” i breathlessly exclaimed to the very bored looking worker.

“Yea……. we can’t do that, you’re not the owner of the stroller are you?” Side note: apparently I look incapable of owning a stroller?

I tried to explain I was trying to get it to a family that had a tight international connection and that their stroller had been accidentally sent to baggage claim instead of the gate… but homegirl was not having any of it.

So I made a lap around the area and came back and a new worker was there… “Hi, um…. I’m Mrs. Collins and I need my stroller” I said with as much gumption as possible. With a smile the gentleman handed the stroller to me and in my 4 inch heels I started to sprint back towards security.

Let’s just get really real for a second. This is one of those FANCY strollers that weighs at LEAST 50 pounds… I’m in heels and my uniform dress, AND i have my carry-on bag strapped to my back.

Did I mention it’s been like 5 years since I last worked out? Also have you seen the size of the Atlanta airport? (Largest in the world- FACT)

I ran up a total of 6 escalators… sprinted through 5 terminals and most definitely left a trail of sweat in every one. By the time I made it to F2 (did I mention that it’s THE furthest gate in Atlanta from security?) I was staggering and sure that at any moment my legs would give out… I can just see the news the next day, “Flight Attendant dies under the weight of a stroller”.

I practically flung the stroller at the gate agent and collapsed in a chair at the gate. This entire event occurred in under 20 minutes… But I’m definitely sure I don’t need to run again for at least 3 years. Can I hear an amen?

Did I know the family that had their stroller sent to baggage claim? No. Were they even particularly nice to me? No not really. But the way I saw it, if my mom and dad were traveling and they needed help, I would hope someone would help them (maybe not to the extreme measures I went to – that was just ridiculous – but you get the idea)…

So yea, that was just another day at the office. Fairly sure I should be a marathon runner and definitely sure I need a shower.



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