I Could Have Had A Baby

“We’d like to ask Christena Brooks to stay behind today”

In that moment at the interview to be a flight attendant I was convinced I had done something horribly wrong and so I burst into tears. They led a very snotty Christena to the back room and revealed I had been offered a job offer.

If I had known how much my life would change in the next few months I’m pretty sure I would have continued crying.

But it wouldn’t have been a sad cry.


I did go through actual hell that they call “training” and


I moved my entire life to Detroit, a place I never would have considered, and


I cried almost every day the first few months because I was so homesick… but in all of that being a flight attendant has become my dream job.

In the last 9 months I’ve been to over 12 different countries and most of the 50 states. Being able to go to Paris over 20 times in 9 months has been a dream but what is more of a dream than that is what I’ve learned about being an adult.

There will always always be rude people. But you never need to stoop to their level and be rude back.

Falling asleep with your eyes open is a real thing but you learn to lean on your friends and family and power through it.

I will always loose socks in the laundry… I don’t know how… but it happens. every. single. time.

When you focus on the needs of others you are a happier, nicer, person because you simply don’t have time to think about your problems.

And IKEA is the best place ever invented… like ever!!!

Did I ever think that my job would be to travel the world? Absolutely not but I wouldn’t change it for anything. Now excuse me while I go try and find my missing socks,



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