A Lady In London

It had been a rough weekend and after dealing with some sad stuff in my personal life I was more than ready to jet off to London for the day!


#1 On the Agenda: Go for a run in Kensington Gardens

Out of the corner of my eye I could see him following me.

But maybe I’m being paranoid, I mean London is big, maybeeee he’s just going where I’m going.

Irregardless I quickened my pace. He quickened his pace.

I started jogging. He started jogging.

Y’all, at this point I’m convinced I’m going to be murdered and never heard from again #ThanksOverActiveImagination.


Desperate to get away I turn to cross the street and almost simultaneously the “NO WALK” sign came on. Just terrific. Now homeboy and I are standing together and he’s just staring at me. He coughs and says, “My gosh you’re in shape”.

I must have looked at him with a horrified expression because he said, “Well, I didn’t mean to scare you so bad, I just thought maybe we could work out together, because, well…. I really like you”

I think I mumbled something about flying back to the States the next day and at the moment the walk sign turned to green and I not only ran, I sprinted away.


#2 on the agenda:¬†Attend Les Miserables at the Queen’s Theatre.

For you travelers out there, may I make a suggestion? Don’t walk, RUN to see a show in London. While perhaps not the cheapest of touristy options it is by FAR the most divine way to spend an evening.


I might have completely fallen in love with Marius and contemplated how I could convince him to marry me and not Cosette.

So while it may not be exactly feasible to just fly to London every time I’m sad what I did learn is the value of investing in experiences and things that make you smile. Because at the end of the day a Chanel bag will fall apart but the memory of being on Row 10 at the Queen’s Theatre listening to angelic voices for 3 hours will stay with me forever.



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