A Globetrotters Thoughts on Terrorism

He gripped my hand and pulled me outside of the little cafe.

There under the sparkling lights on the streets of Paris he revealed he had lost 4 friends in the Attacks at the Bataclan 2 days ago. The pain in his eyes as he described how much it meant that outsiders were still coming to the City of Lights in the wake of the tragedy is something I don’t think I’ll ever forget.

For you see if we live our lives in the fear of something horrible happening we might as well buy all the pizza the grocery store has to offer and lock ourselves in our closets for all eternity. But that’s not living. 


Do I worry sometimes that a terrorist will board my plane and I won’t make it to the destination? Sometimes… not often though. Walking through the airport this morning in Paris I tried to wrap my brain around what has just happened in Brussels and I came to the conclusion that there will never be an explanation for something so wretched.

So just like you can’t let a bad ex boyfriend ruin your life, you can’t let how disgustingly sinful this world is to affect your future.

Travel often

Love fearlessly


Sit in Parisian cafes, drink white wine and pretend to be Carrie Bradshaw while blogging…. oh wait that’s just me.

P.S. The couple behind me have a daughter in India named Christena… Gosh my life sounds exciting! Apparently I went to Cambridge and am saving children as we speak. Ahhhh Paris I just adore you.



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