Le Tote

Ever seen “Confessions of a Shopaholic”… It’s about a redhead… who is addicted to shopping while simultaneously being THE most spastic person to grace this planet. I know… who knew I had a movie about me 😉

Ya see I have this problem, as in… I can’t drive to the airport (aka work, aka where I drive too EVERY. single. day) without my GPS, but I can drive to the most gorgeous mall which is about 40 minutes away from me with absolutely no GPS. Seriously. I have a problem.

So when a Flight Attendant told me about this site called Le Tote I thought I had died and gone to heaven (side note: this is not sponsored, I just have an addiction). Essentially it’s a clothes subscription. You get magazines in the mail… I get clothes (and shoes but that’s another post). You can have as many “totes” in a month as you could possibly want and you still only pay $60/month. Yea… I know… kind of expensive BUT I spend that much in a half hour so it’s worth it to me.


The earrings are House of Harlow and also from magical land… cough… I mean Le Tote


They let you pick out which styles you like and then they’ll send you 5 pieces. I chose 2 dresses and the most dreamy rain coat and 2 accessories.



So there you have it. I love this dress because it isn’t cotton but rather a synthetic blend which I have always found to be more flattering. Plus it’s less resistant to wrinkles so I can toss it in my suitcase and not look slovenly (hey big word) when I arrive at my layover. And I mean honestly, who doesn’t look good in a wrap dress?!



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