A Lady In Switzerland

“So what are you doing this weekend mom?”

“Well I don’t think I have much going on. What’s up?”

“Go to Switzerland with me!”

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With the tickets booked we were off! Sometimes being a Flight Attendant seems so normal to me and then there’s moments when I’m meeting my mom in NYC for brunch in Times Square before jetting off to Zurich that it kind of hits me that this isn’t really normal. Believe me, the wonderfulness of it all is not lost on me!!!

Want to know what a day in the life of a Flight Attendant doing an international trip is like? Buckle up! You’re about to find out!

6:30am: Wake up… well in my case it’s more like fall out of bed, throw some clothes that somewhat match into a suitcase and sprint to my car to drive way too fast to the airport

7:15am: Jump on a plane to Minneapolis because if the flight gods loved me I could fly directly to NYC but they obviously hate me so I have to fly 2 flights to get there.

10:20am: Land in Minneapolis, sprint in my heels (good choice Christena) to the next gate, plop down in my seat and fall asleep before takeoff…. HELLO snoring and drooling Christena

12:30pm: Sprint (do you see a theme? This is why I don’t work out) to arrivals to be united with my mom. This is the only time I run because I want to! After excessive amounts of bawling and hugging my sweet momma we board the bus to Times Square

2:00pm: Arrive in the city!!!! Insert squeals of excitement, excessive touristy behavior and endless regret at my stiletto shoe choice. But we found the nearest BBQ restaurant and ate until we thought we might explode

4:00pm: Head to JFK airport for the… dum dum dum… Flight Attendant transformation

5:00pm: Head into the Flight Attendant lounge bathroom a normal makeup-less person, emerge a redlipped, hair perfectly styled Delta Flight Attendant! Let’s do this thing!

9:00pm: After briefing with my crew, boarding the plane, getting the doors shut we’re OFF to Switzerland


10:00am: (the next day): Arrive in ZURICH slightly sleepy, red lips are kind of smeared but excited to spend the day with my momma and my crew members.

1:00pm: After a one hour power nap I’m up: let me tell you waking up from a power nap in a different country is essentially like waking up in hell! You have no idea what time it is, where you are, who you are and what happened to you! Being a Flight Attendant is so easy 😉

1:30pm: Meet up with my crew and head to the city! Agenda for the day? Pick up wine and cheese, boat around Lake Zurich and take copious amounts of pictures!

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3:00pm: Somehow I got elected to buy the boat tickets. WHY they always choose me to do the grunt work I’ll never know! 😉 Needless to say ticket lady screamed at me for not knowing Swiss-German at which point I assumed the general posture of a possum and faked dead. I don’t deal well with stressful situations 😉 Luckily my mom jumped in and saved the day – with our tickets in hand we boarded the loveliest boat. (I’m still recovering from mean Swiss lady yelling at me)

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

4:00pm: At this point I’m convinced my life is a movie as we boat around the lake for 2 hours taking pictures of the mountains, eating funny cheese and drinking bubbly pink champagne. If you’re in Zurich GO ON THE BOAT tour! It’s barely 7 euros and the most fun thing in the world!


5:30pm: Sleepily trot home, belly’s full of bread and cheese and smiles ear to ear even if it did start snowing and we all only have light jackets.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

7:00pm: At this point I’ve been awake since I got up the day before so I’m absolutely exhausted! I try to get on my phone to post an Instagram pic but repeatedly drop the phone ON. MY. FACE. as I fall asleep every 3 seconds. Sleep or Instagram? #Priorities

10:00am (the next day): wake up, go grocery shopping for Swiss coffee beans (Movenpick coffee will change your life) and watch my mom befriend every single person in the grocery store


2:00pm-5:00pm (hello time change): Arrive back in NYC one medical emergency later and send your mom to her flight back to NC and head to my flight back to Detroit.

So now you’ve lived 3 days in my life 😉 How was it? Are you sleepy yet? I am! 😉 There are day when I’m exhausted and worn out from serving 300 people for 8 hours and worn out from passengers being cruel to me… Days when I question if I’m doing enough with my life and if I’m making the right decisions. But at the end of the day, this is my favorite job in the world, and when you get to share your passion with your loved ones there’s really nothing like it. I’m thankful for a mom who is my best friend, for crew members that become family and for a life that I love living.



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