A Lady in Paris

The sun was beating down on us with a vengeance. We were waiting in the worlds longest line to see the Palace of Versailles.


For what seemed like the millionth time, an umbrella belonging to the lady behind me jabbed my head and got caught in my hair. As much as I love France, I think at that moment my annoyance could have rivaled the annoyance of the French people during the revolution. Okay maybe not THAT bad… but as the two hours slowly ticked by and my hair got increasingly messed up, thoughts of storming the castle crossed my mind 😉


But upon entering the Palace all thoughts of becoming famous as the redhead who stormed Versailles left my thoughts and I was left with only awe for this magnificent place. This extravagant place was built under the reign of Louis XIV and completed by his successors in 1715. It was hugely controversial for it’s decadence in the face of famine and poverty ongoing in France. The entire place glitters of gold and in it’s heyday it had mass amounts of furniture made entirely of silver.


I doubt I can get a bed like that at IKEA. 😉  As someone who got one of my degrees in history with a passion for the French Revolution time period I was completely beside myself imagining what life must have been like here.


So next time you’re in Paris. Hop on the train to Versailles, avoid it on a Saturday (take my word on that) and as a very small side note… don’t wear a lace dress on a sunny day iffffff you happen to be a redhead. You’ll take off the dress at the end of the day and realize you have an exquisite lace sunburn pattern 😉



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