A Lady in San Fran


“I really don’t know if I can do this”, I murmured.

“It’s okay, just think of how beautiful everything is… and I promise we’ll get through this”, he replied.

Am I going through boot camp? Prison maybe? No that’s the conversation the man and I had on our “Sunset Yacht Cruise of San Francisco”. This was supposed to be my greatest romantic feat yet! Us staring into each others eyes, sipping on chardonnay and holding hands as we coasted under the golden gate bridge.


It was subarctic temperatures, we were huddled underneath the yacht with one TINY window and I had the vague notion that it was possible I might throw up at any moment


It had all started the week prior when I was on a short layover in San Fran and messaged the man regretting that I couldn’t see anything. A week later we decided to pack our bags and go see the city for ourselves. #FlightAttendantBenefits

I spent a solid 5 hours on Pinterest googling ALL the best things to see in San Fran and simultaneously decided there needs to be a job where I can be paid to be on Pinterest.

We had settled in our lovely first class seats and I was doing my best to look effortlessly glamorous at 6am. Unfortunately… someone…. and I don’t want to name names, but it starts with a C and ends with hristena….left their ID in security (who even does that?) and a policeman had to come on board and deliver it! Aside from looking like I had never ever been in an airport before… *eyeroll*… we were off!


With some bikes SO cute I wanted to die, we were off to explore the city.


Here’s the top three things everyone MUST do in San Fran!!!

  1. Visit the Ghiradelli Square. Home of the original store and also home of the most divine chocolate sundaes you’ve ever seen in your life plus there’s a fresh juice stand that is delish.
  2. Go see the S.S. Jeremiah O’Brian. One of the last Liberty ships used on D-Day. The engines were also used in the filming of the Titanic so you can call me Rose… please and thank you 😉IMG_4273

  3. Take a sunset yacht cruise that lets you see Alcatraz, the Golden gate bridge and the city. But know this dear friends… bring a parka and ski goggles.IMG_4276

So there you have it, another city off the bucket list. And for the record… I think everyone should travel with their significant other… it gives you a good look into how devastatingly handsome they look on a bike in San Fran. 😉




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