A Lady in Milan

I surveyed my options… Buy the cold pasta salad or a yogurt for dinner. Hm… how did I get so lucky? 😉 Picking the pasta salad I trotted to my plane ready to conquer the 8 hour flight to Milan. Flight Attendants are provided meals of course but usually their heavily laden with sodium for flavor so I avoid them at all costs.

I shoveled a few bites of the pasta in before we started boarding and then I left the half eaten container in the back galley. Upon finishing boarding and on the verge of starving I rushed back to inhale a few more bites. What I discovered will prove that all people flying now are in fact animals. Someone had spit out their bright blue gum in my container of half full pasta.

I sat there contemplating whether or not I should make a PA condemning whoever chews blue gum but resisted the urge as a 15 year old boy walked up to me.

“Hey babe. I was just wondering if I could get some water.” With a subtle wink he looked at me coyly.

Babe…. he just called me babe… Now I know I’m not exactly old but in that moment I felt on the verge of ancient looking at this high school freshman calling me babe and baby alternately.


After he winked enough to make me worry he had an eye condition and begged for some Jack on the rocks… “No, 15 is not the legal age anywhere” he left and we were on our way to Milan.


This is the point where I tell you what to do and where to go in Milan but really… it’s all so scrumptious you can’t go wrong with any choice! I chose to go the Duomo di Milano which is the most spectacular cathedral and right across from a fantastic shopping area. HELLO Chanel!


And if you decide to go to the cathedral, pay the extra for the roof top access… You won’t regret it!


As a side note… always ALWAYS pack a scarf in your suitcase irregardless of where you go or what season it is. Most cathedrals or houses of God require a wrap to cover your shoulders if you’re a girl so this scarf from Turkey has saved my life many times.


So there you have it! Don’t spit your gum in your Flight Attendant’s food (or anyones food for that matter), pack scarves and enjoy MILAN! ❤



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