Thrifty and Glamorous

I hesitated… then slowly hovered my finger over the key.


“Total account balance is…”

And then I looked with horror at the dollar amount I was seeing on my credit card.

How did this happen?

Ironically like the plot of “Confessions of a Shopaholic” right? 

First instinct to solve my debt crisis?

“I’ll get married! Surely my new husband will pay off my debt.” 

I know. 

I know.

I can practically hear you saying through the screen, “Oh my gosh Christena, you didn’t!”

I did! 

It should be mentioned that all of this took place years ago, but even writing out the thoughts I legitimately had is enough to make me want to hide under my couch and pretend it never happened.

Eventually, I came to a more logical conclusion.

In more recent months I decided that the only thing left to do was put some big girl panties on, enroll in Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace course to deal with my debt and I had to start being thrifty.


Isn’t that the most horrendous, nails on a chalkboard kind of word? I mean don’t get me wrong, your girl LOVES to find a good deal, but actually living a thrifty lifestyle? Please. I’d rather be locked in an stadium and told I had to make small talk for 5 hours with a crowd of people (that’s honestly my idea of hell). 

But I had to do it! 

December 2019 I resolved to be the kind of woman that knows about 401K’s and investments, a woman who can budget and be thrifty, and most of all…

I need you to hear this loud and clear because this is where it gets good…

A woman who makes being thrifty glamorous. 

Because at the end of the day, I won’t stick to any kind of budget or any savings plan if it means I have to wear horrendous t-shirts and look grungy doing it. 

I know this is a VERY excruciatingly small audience I’m speaking too, but if you are the type of person that likes the finer things in life, be it: nice food, designer bags, luxe furniture, elite fitness classes and want to know how to have that glam lifestyle while still going forward with “gazelle intensity to being debt free” (Dave Ramsey), this tiny little corner of the internet that is this blog and my instagram is for you. 

I have so many things I’ve discovered in the last 6 months and am just itching to share everything with y’all. From Peloton dupes, boutiques that sell designer bags for dirt cheap, to mascara that’ll blow your mind for $4 and how to find gold on Facebook Marketplace and in thrift stores. 

And don’t even get me started on how I figured out how to budget extremely effectively with sparkle stickers and pink pens (With the help of my dad – y’all are going to die when y’all hear the story). 

Every now and then I’ll still splash in a story or two of my traveling the world as a Flight Attendant and all that that entails, but this area has and always will be my passion. 

And don’t worry… this is a safe space. I won’t tell a soul that the divine Dior dupe skirt you found is actually from Salvation Army because you read an upcoming post about what cuts to be on the lookout for. 

I’m toying with the idea of doing this somewhat weekly. Thrifty Thursday has a nice ring to it right? 

Let me know in the comments what you’re most excited about and if you have a good idea for a tagline. #FinanciallyGlam? #ThriftyAndGlamorous?

See you next Thursday!



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