Things I Don’t Understand About Adulting

“Wellppp… I could either get the gold hedgehog with the pink party hat OR the gold giraffe with the blue party hat”, I thought to myself as I stood in the aisle of Target. Did I come in to get a gold hedgehog from Target? Pshh, don’t be silly! I came in to get pantyhose and left with pug dog salt shakers, a gold hedgehog, a gold pineapple candle and a shirt that says “Namastay in bed”. #SuccessfulAdulting


And this week along with buying a hedgehog I realized it’s been exactly one year since I was hired as a Flight Attendant which led to some very very deep self reflection on what I’ve learned from moving my entire life to a new city and trying out the whole “Adult Thing”.

So here you are: 10 reasons I still don’t understand about being an adult.

1) Bedtime: When I was little I hated that my parents dictated when this obnoxiously hyper redhead had to go to bed. Now that I’m like an adult… it means I am in charge of that and truthfully I’m really not sure I’m ready for that kind of responsibility.


2) Doctors Appointments: Coming from someone who could quite literally talk to a door, I would rather get run over by a bus and Starbucks go bankrupt than have to call the doctor to make an appointment. Let alone actually go to the appointment by myself. Like what if the Doctor asks me actual questions, who is going to answer them? Certainly not this girl! #WheresMom

3) Looking Old: Last week we had college freshman going on Spring Break on my flights (shoot me) and I swear on my Bible that there is some sorcery going on. They are wayyyyy younger these days. I had a heart attack when I realized they’re all allowed to drive. Surely this can’t be right! (Definitely no way I ever looked THAT young)

4) Laundry: Growing up Friday’s were Laundry days. Now I really am struggling to do my laundry once a month if we’re being really real here. It’s only when I realize that I can’t keep buying new outfits instead of washing my stuff that I eventually trudge down to the laundry room. This week it took 3 trips to get all of my clothes to the laundry room…. 3 TRIPS!

5) Being Sick: Right now I’m curled up in my bed with a sore throat and let me tell you… Nothing prepared me for having to choose my own meds at the pharmacy. I mean… HAVE. YOU. SEEN. THE. SELECTION? Adults clearly know which drugs to get, but not me, I called 5 of my family members AND consulted with the pharmacist before deciding on DayQuil. #SuccessfulAdulting


6) Friends Are Becoming Actual Adults: Now my Facebook feed is no longer filled with pictures of my friends partying in college, it’s babies and engagement announcements and I’m really not sure if I’m okay with all that.

7) Making Friends: Can I just say how easy it is to make friends in college? You’re basically handed best friends as you all try to make it through finals week without killing yourself of a caffeine overdose. But now they have actual apps to find friends! “Hey I like your eyebrows and makeup….wanna go get mani/pedi’s with me?”


8) Emails/Mail: Adult emails/mail are THE most un-fun thing ever. Emails used to be my friends and I making weekend trip plans, now it’s “Christena Brooks your rent payment is DUE” and “Have you renewed your contact subscription” #NOFUN

9) Decisions are Scarier: Instead of having the biggest decision of the day being should I get a Chickfila sandwich or nuggets, now I have to decide where I want to live, what I want to do with my life, when I’ll get married, I mean…. Who actually is prepared for this kind of stuff?

10) Having Fun: As much as I really feel like “Adulting” is not my particular forte… There are definitely some perks. Like not getting carded when ordering wine and being able to buy gold hedgehogs for no reason.

So do I have it all figured out? Absolutely not but I feel like growing up isn’t exactly an overnight thing and the process is part of the fun. So excuse me while I go order online a polka dot file holder… Not that I actually have files or even things to file… but I really need  it.



3 thoughts on “Things I Don’t Understand About Adulting

  1. One of my college friends just yesterday commented on how it’s been a year since she was hired for Delta too. What a coincidence! 🙂 (And you totally needed that hedgehog.)


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