So You Want to be a Flight Attendant

Never ever in my life did I see myself becoming a Flight Attendant. Yet here we are and I get paid to fly to Paris and wear a red dress and heels. Not too shabby 😉 While not for everyone, this is most definitely the most perfectly suited job for me that I could have EVER imagined. Continue reading “So You Want to be a Flight Attendant”

A Lady in Milan

I surveyed my options… Buy the cold pasta salad or a yogurt for dinner. Hm… how did I get so lucky? 😉 Picking the pasta salad I trotted to my plane ready to conquer the 8 hour flight to Milan. Flight Attendants are provided meals of course but usually their heavily laden with sodium for flavor so I avoid them at all costs. Continue reading “A Lady in Milan”

A Lady In Amsterdam


“Dear Lord, seriously?”

I had just crashed to the floor in the middle of the night. Dreaming of being a gymnast? More like I was unaware my “King Bed” was actually 2 twin beds which had managed to separate in the night. Naturally I haddddd to roll to the middle in my sleep and hadddd to fall in between the two beds. Continue reading “A Lady In Amsterdam”